Why I Can’t Imagine Ever Missing Young Living’s Convention

Young Living's Convention - Fresh New Routine

If you know me in person or follow me on any social media, you likely noticed that I was out of town last week at Young Living’s Convention in Salt Lake City, UT. Honestly, it’s quickly become one of my favorite weeks out of the year. And this was only my second time attending! So I wanted to write about my experience to not only share what I love, but help give you a glimpse into this yearly celebration and what makes it so special.

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My Wellness Wish List

In honor of my birthday month, I wanted to create a wellness wish list of the products I’m dying to try. It’s nearly impossible to write in the wellness and skincare realm without running into dozens of amazing products. I find myself constantly collecting posts on instagram for things I want. But when my birthday shows up,…

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The Ultimate Natural Sunscreen Guide

With summer right around the corner, it’s time we find the perfect natural sunscreen. But that’s easier said than done with all of the sunscreen out there full of toxic ingredients and misleading SPF numbers. So I wanted to create this ultimate guide to help anyone understand what to look for in a sunscreen. After…

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Natural Solutions for Dry Skin

If you’re focused on establishing a more natural skincare routine and struggle with dry skin, it’s important to find the best natural solutions for moisturizing your skin and finding relief. Trust me, there’s so much plant-based skincare can do for your skin. Not to mention how much healthier choices can benefit your diet! This is…

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