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Kerra Portrait - Fresh New RoutineHey there you! I’m Kerra

I created this space in the hopes to make skin care simple again. Especially for the busy boss babes dreaming of effortless glowing skin. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a safe space to experiment with simple, natural ingredients and see which your skin loves. It’s a place to turn to when you’re curious about a skin care fad you saw online but you don’t know if it’s worth your time. It’s a haven full of self care inspiration to up your pamper game in the very little me time you have.

I want nothing more than to make clean living easy for on-the-go getters who know the importance of good ingredients. But don’t have any time to spare in their busy lives for an ounce of research. That’s where I come in. I’m here to introduce you to amazing ingredients and simple DIYs that are nourishing and affordable. This is the only body we’re given after all so why not take care of it with the best naturally derived skin care out there?

Luckily I just so happen to be a skin care junkie and love spending time researching different ingredients and recipes. But I also happen enjoy a minimal (and natural) beauty routine so I won’t be wasting either of our time on any complicated recipes or products that blatantly lie on their packaging. Call me lazy, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a skin care routine full of a few products that really work. I don’t have time to spend hours on my skin care routine with little to no return (and lots of $$$ wasted along the way). This blog is my way to keeping you from wasting your valuable time on skin care that doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s time you love the skin you’re in and have the (naturally derived) glow you deserve.

Posts you can expect here on Fresh New Routine:

  • Simple DIYs your skin with love (no complicated contraptions needed)
  • Skin care and makeup I personally recommend full of nourishing and natural ingredients
  • Comprehensive Information about natural skin care ingredients you’ll feel confident adopting into your routine
  • Recipes and superfoods intended to nourish your skin from the inside out
  • Self care content to inspire quality time spent focusing on you and your needs

Seven facts about me:

  • My skin care routine cannot exist without Jojoba Oil & Witch Hazel
  • I’m an animal lover and can often be found cuddling my cats Freya & Jackson against their will.
  • My favorite scents in the world are Northern Lights Black Spruce, every citrus fruit & freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
  • I’m an eternal optimist – I could find the bright side to nearly any situation.
  • I had jobs in cities like Cincinnati, Baltimore and San Francisco but no city has stolen my heart away like New York City has. It will always be home to me, no matter how long it’s been.
  • I’m drawn to the water like a moth is drawn to flame. There’s something so soothing and soul invigorating about being by water. It’s without a doubt the best part of living in Southern Maryland (especially since I live next to a private beach).
  • I spend a lot of time discovering myself and trying to understand my personality strengths and weaknesses. I identify as a Type Seven on the Enneagram and have both my sun and moon in Gemini. So everything about my results points to me being an enthusiastic scatterbrain. My Myer Briggs results came back as ENFP and I’m constantly trying to live up to those results. Sometimes I feel a little more introverted than I wish I was. It’s a work in progress.

Feel free to take a look around my little home on the web. If you have any questions head over to my contact page or email me at Or you can connect with me on facebook or instagram!

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